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Tree Pruning

Our professional Arborists have been pruning and trimming trees safely for 13+ years

Professional Tree Pruning Services in Surrey, White Rock and Vancouver

Tree pruning is the best way to care for your trees. When proper pruning techniques are applied to a tree by a ISA certified Arborist it can help the tree to grow strong, healthy and develop correct structure.

At Arbor Solutions our professional Arborists are ISA certified and Qualified Tree Risk Assessors.

If you’re looking to help your trees reach their full potential our team at Arbor Solutions are available to help you make the best pruning decisions for the health and safety of your trees. 

Our documented process, commitment to safety and passion for Arboriculture lets you know you can trust us to deliver top quality results. Our Arborists follow scientific guidelines, city tree pruning bylaws and ISA best practices.

ISA Certified

Qualified Tree Risk Assesors

13+ years experience

"I was so impressed that I didn’t want to miss one moment of it. Only the trees were fell; everything else was left intact. And the team cleaned up the ground as they went along. That also is impressive. I held my breath for the tree climbers. Unbelievable !"​
Hélène O

Our Tree Pruning Services

We offer a variety of science-based tree pruning techniques performed by qualified Arborist’s including:

Crown Cleaning – Removing parts of the tree no longer needed brings benefits to the tree. Examples are dead branches, dying branches, diseased branches, and branches with excessive rubbing causing damage.

Reduction – Directed removal of branch material with the aim of a height or spread reduction. We carefully manage outcomes, consider clients requests, and the tree’s ability to adapt to the intended pruning event.

Canopy Raise – Removal of the lower branches in the canopy to allow vertical clearance. Often this is for pedestrian or vehicle routes, to allow light into lower garden areas, or building clearance. Our Arborists are careful to consider the structural support of the tree in this process.

Clearance prune – Removal of branches to specified clearance target. We offer tailored solutions to our clients with regular pruning maintenance plans.

Emergency Branch Removal

Technical Rigging

Structural Pruning

How Do I Know If My Tree Needs To Be Pruned?

Any time that tree limbs are showing obvious signs of damage, visibly dead of rubbing across one another they should be removed using proper tree pruning techniques. Trees can benefit from pruning year round depending on your individual tree management goals and tree species.

✔ Damaged bark and deep cuts or cracks in the trunk

✔ Large open cavities often causing decay in the trunk

✔ Dead wood and branches throught the upper crown

✔ Accumulated soil at the base of the trunk and beneath the canopy

✔ Leaning trees that pose a safety hazard or unstable roots

If you recognize any of these signs or think your tree needs to be removed due to symptoms of  damage, decay, or hazardous conditions give us a call today for a free estimate

"True professional arboriculture work done safely."
Tim B

When Do I Need a Tree Removal Permit?

In the City of Surrey a tree removal permit is required if the diameter of your tree is greater than 30cm at breast height, or if the tree was planted as a required replacement tree or condition of development tree. Some tree species are also protected in Surrey.

Some of the reasons you can apply for a permit include:

✔ Your tree is dead or in decline beyond expectation of recovery

✔ Your tree has a structural defect that makes it hazardous     

✔  Your tree interferes with servicing without an alternative

✔ Your tree is within 2 meters of the home’s foundation

✔ To allow for construction 

If any of apply to your trees give us a call today for a free consultation!

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