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Tree Care

Enjoy peace of mind with quality tree care performed by trained, qualified, and insured Vancouver Arborists. 

Tree Pruning

Tree Removal

Hedge Trimming

Tree pruning

We offer a variety of science-based tree pruning techniques performed by qualified Arborist’s including:

Crown Cleaning – Removing parts of the tree no longer needed brings benefits to the tree. Examples are dead branches, dying branches, diseased branches, and branches with excessive rubbing causing damage.

Reduction – Directed removal of branch material with the aim of a height or spread reduction. We carefully manage outcomes, consider clients requests, and the tree’s ability to adapt to the intended pruning event.

Canopy Raise – Removal of the lower branches in the canopy to allow vertical clearance. Often this is for pedestrian or vehicle routes, to allow light into lower garden areas, or building clearance. Our Arborists are careful to consider the structural support of the tree in this process.

Clearance prune – Removal of branches to specified clearance target. We offer tailored solutions to our clients with regular pruning maintenance plans.

Tree removal

Our documented process, commitment to safety and passion for Arboriculture lets you know you can trust us to deliver top quality results.

Our tree removal operations begin with a clear explanation of the local municipality bylaws and how they relate to your tree removal request. These guidelines are given to city Arborists to follow while issuing tree removal permits. 

Reasons for tree removal often include:

  • Dead, dying, and diseased trees
  • Trees  causing damage to a property.
  • Trees within a defined construction envelope for a new build or renovation.

Hedge & shrub trimming

A well-cared-for hedge adds aesthetic value and privacy to formal and natural gardens alike. 

Our innovative hedge and shrub maintenance plans give you the control in maintaining the look you desire in your landscaped garden while eliminating the hassle of securing, planning, and booking trimming events. 

Let us create a custom maintenance solution for you, ultimately saving you cost and time.

Let’s work together on your next project

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