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Quality tree care performed by ISA certified and insured Vancouver Arborists


Professional Surrey Tree Services

Our experienced Arborists have been providing tree services to residential and commercial clients in Surrey BC for over 13 years. At Arbor Solutions our commitment to providing a high level of quality for all your tree care needs sets us apart. Our services in Surrey include; free estimates, tree removal, tree pruning, Arborist reports and consulting, tree cutting permit applications, tree installation, hedge trimming, stump grinding, emergency tree services and more.

ISA Certified Arborists

Commited to Safety

Fully Insured

"They trimmed a fir tree to contain overgrowth, trimmed the tops and sides of cedar hedges and removed an overgrown tree all with no damage and clean up after was outstanding. Im very impressed and pleased with them and their work."
"I was so impressed that I didn’t want to miss one moment of it. Only the trees were fell; everything else was left intact. And the team cleaned up the ground as they went along. That also is impressive. I held my breath for the tree climbers. Unbelievable !"
Hélène O
"True professional arboriculture work done safely."
Tim B

Tree Services We Offer

Tree Pruning

Our on staff ISA certified Arborists strive to deliver scientific tree pruning results combined with a high level of service on all aspects of tree care and trimming you may need. Our Arborists are guided by scientific practices along with Surrey tree pruning  bylaws and ISA best practices.


Tree Removal

With 13+ years removing trees in Surrey our commitment to safety, and passion for Arboriculture lets you know you can trust us to deliver top quality tree removal results. Our tree removal process includes an Arborist report when required by the City of Surrey or an Arborist report for land development. We also offer tree cutting permit applications to help facilitate your tree removal process.

Special tree services

At Arbor Solutions our experienced tree care team has access to the tools and equipment needed to supply special tree services such as; tree bracing and cabling, resistograph tree inspections, tree installing and planting, and tree moving and transportation services.

Emergency tree services

Do you need a tree removed that has fallen on or damaged your property? We specialize in all types of emergency tree removals for residential and commercial clients from Surrey to Vancouver.

vancouver hedge trimming

Hedge and shrub trimming

Our hedge trimming services include; hedge pruning, hedge reduction, and hedge removal for all size of hedges trees in Surrey. Our innovative hedge and shrub maintenance plans give you the control in maintaining the look you desire in your landscaped garden while eliminating the hassle of securing, planning, and booking trimming events. 

arborist report vancouver

Arborist reports & consulting

Are your trees safe? Are you looking to have a tree removed? Our Arborist reports for tree removal permits and land development application permits give you an unbiased, scientifically based and documented report of assessed tree conditions. All of our Arborist reports include recommendations & tree management plans while following the City of Surrey guidelines.

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