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Arborist Reports & Consulting

Arborist reports written by qualified Tree Risk Assessors 

Professional Arborist Reports

We provide Arborist reports for residential and commercial clients from Surrey BC to Vancouver. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff and ISA certified Arborists and Qualified Tree Risk Assessors. 

Some of the services we offer include Arborist reports for tree removal permits and reports for land development applications. All of our Arborists are trained to follow city guidelines and ISA best practices when preparing reports to comply with municipal bylaws.

City Arborist reports

Our Arborist reports written by trained and qualified Arborists give you an unbiased, scientific and documented report of assessed tree conditions along with recommendations and management plans for the future.

Our knowledgable team will provide you with an explanation of the local bylaws and how they relate to your tree.

When it comes to residential and commercial tree removal projects we help our clients determine whether a Arborist report for a tree removal permit or land development application permit will be necessary.

Some of the reasons you may require a Arborist report from our trained and certified arborists are:

Aged or mature trees that could pose a risk to you or someone else’s property

✔Tree Removal permits for dangerous, diseased or dead trees

Retention plans or options for significant trees in your life

✔ Municipal bylaws and legislation

Arborist reports for land development applications or construction events

Surveying, identifying, and prescribing future works for your tree asset stock

Tree evaluations

Forward planning of cost potential for green space management

Service level agreement preparation for strata, municipal and commercial clients 

"They trimmed a fir tree to contain overgrowth, trimmed the tops and sides of cedar hedges and removed an overgrown tree all with no damage and clean up after was outstanding. Im very impressed and pleased with them and their work."
"I was so impressed that I didn’t want to miss one moment of it. Only the trees were fell; everything else was left intact. And the team cleaned up the ground as they went along. That also is impressive. I held my breath for the tree climbers. Unbelievable !"
Hélène O
"True professional arboriculture work done safely."
Tim B

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